Understanding Your Endocannabinoid System

Discovered 30 years ago (1990), this system plays a key role by constantly adjusting internal vital processes to respond adequately to changes in our environment.

It is a dynamic system, which is based on enzymes and receptors distributed throughout our nervous system, allowing a constant flow of information based on electrochemical signals between our brain and different parts of the body ……. what all this means?

Very simple, our superficial mind is in charge of solving external problems in our life. , such as being assertive at work, shopping, or planning a romantic weekend, But of course, we already have enough daily worries as if we also had to take care of our blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate, body temperature, metabolism, or secreting the right type and amount of hormones to survive.

Analyzing that much information would drive us completely insane. For that reason, our brain automatically makes all kinds of decisions without consulting us to make our lives easier and not give us any more worries. That’s why you don’t have to think to breathe.

Well, through that complex network of receptors, enzymes and cannabinoids, the most common distributed throughout your nervous system, your brain is constantly updated and knows how to respond correctly to variations in the environment.

When something is not operating within the appropriate range, your ECS is activated to correct it. For example; it is very hot and you start sweating…. thanks to your ECS our brain realizes that the temperature is too high and sends the signal to your sweat glands so that it begins to sweat and can cool down.

In short, our organism produces cannabinoids as a communication system between the brain and different internal physiological processes, with the function of keeping the body working in optimal and coordinated conditions despite extruded external circumstances.

That’s why we call it the mind-body connection.

The ECS directly influences:

Appetite – Digestion – Function Immune – Inflammation – Mood – Sleep – Reproduction/fertility – Locomotor system – Temperature regulation – Memory – Pain – Pleasure


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