Find your balance

Wake Up! Pay “full attention” to to your Health

The mind-body connection

The human body naturally produces and uses cannabinoids as a chemical communication method through our body. This network, is known as the supercomputer that regulates homeostasis in the human body,  your endocannabinoid system. 

We understand the cannabinoid system as a highway of communication between mind and body. Which followed by mindfulness techniques, can become a powerful tool to become aware of the physical and psychological processes which influence our general well-being.

Your mind is the most complex instrument in the universe. It takes time and practice to use it harmoniously.


Part I – Simple Awareness

Part II – Attention and the brain

  • Sitting meditation practice
  • Persective, and reality
  • Neuroplasticity
  • How meditation affects the brain

Part III – Introduction to yoga

  • Attention, Intention, Action.
  • Meditating is not what you think
  • Cognitive processes
  • The reality behind our sorrows
  • Your mind … friend? or enemy?

Part IV – Stress, respond instead of react.

  • What about stress?
  • Anatomy of fear
  • Respond to stress
  • The bright side
  • STOP and breathe for a minute
  • Quarter of a second

Part V – Handle difficult sensations

  • Think with the heart
  • Soften, calm and allow
    Pain relief
  • Physical pain
  • The strange Chronic
  • The five-step model
  • Pain process

Part VI – Mindfulness and communication

  • The art of listening
  • The most frequently asked question
  • Response to anger
  • Conflict management
  • Non-violent communication

Part VII – Kindness and compassion

  • Survival
  • Be more compassionate?
  • Self-compassion
  • Five myths

Part VIII – Conclusion

  • Delve into personal practice
  • Tips for practice
  • The service of life
  • A gift