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The mind body connection

The human body naturally produces and uses cannabinoids as a chemical communication method through our body. This network, is known as the supercomputer that regulates homeostasis in the human body,  your endocannabinoid system. 

Due to the negative connotation of marijuana, this fact is still unknown by a large number of researchers and medical professionals. But thanks to its huge impact on numerous diseases, its reputation grows more and more every day.

We understand the cannabinoid system as a highway of communication between mind and body. Which followed by mindfulness techniques, can become a powerful tool to become aware of the physical and psychological processes which influence our general well-being.

Your mind is the most complex instrument in the universe. It takes time and practice to use it harmoniously.


Introduction First steps Mindfulness Stress…do I need it? Mindfulness- Research Part I – Simple Awareness The Body Scan Meditation Seven-myths Why so difficult Eating with mindfulness Formal Practice / Informal Practice Part II – Attention and the brain Sitting meditation practice Persective, and reality Neuroplasticity How meditation affects the brain Part III – Introduction to yoga

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First steps

Being aware that your mind plays a fundamental role in controlling your entire body, physically and emotionally, is not easy. Without going any further and doing a simple exercise as an example; What if you focus your attention on the tip of your nose? Suddenly, your mind becomes aware of a specific part of your

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Mindfulness..what for? Mindfulness is a rather complicated term, although on the other hand, it is simply based on the interconnection of much simpler things. It is a term which we will never be able to understand in its entirety, focusing from a fixed perspective. For us to understand each other easily, we could describe it

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