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Mindfulness..what for?

Mindfulness is a rather complicated term, although on the other hand, it is simply based on the interconnection of much simpler things. It is a term which we will never be able to understand in its entirety, focusing from a fixed perspective.
For us to understand each other easily, we could describe it as “the art” of being fully awake in our lives, being able to perceive the “greatness / complexity” of each moment.
For most of us this happens inexplicably, unexpectedly, when we generate so many thoughts at the same time that they become a powerful feeling that keeps us connected at a certain moment, in a certain space of time.
In this way there is no before or after, only now. Since all the potential of our brain is being used to understand at the deepest possible level, the reality that surrounds us, our situation in it and the effect this has on us.

What can we get from it?

We are supposed to live every moment paying attention, but … we all really know that it is not. We spend most of the time distracted, by external and internal processes.
By taking a mindfulness course you can learn a set of skills and abilities for;

  • Deal with stress, pain and daily challenges.
  • Treat unpleasant events with grace and know how to keep your composure.
  • Be fully aware and savor everything you perceive.

Mindfulness trainings cannot cure serious health conditions and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. However, there are studies indicating how this training could have a significant therapeutic effect for those with stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, chronic pain, migraines, heart problems, diabetes and other illnesses. In addition, the participants mentioned feeling more alive, in tune with themselves and with life.

La importancia de la práctica
Este curso es sumamente experiencial y la práctica diaria es quizás el componente más importante. No se puede aprender a hacer surf leyendo un libro sobre tablas de surf y olas, y el aprendizaje de la práctica de Mindfulness no es diferente a cualquier otra habilidad que implique tanto a la mente como al cuerpo. Sabes por tu propia experiencia en aprendizaje (tocar un instrumento, un deporte, cualquier habilidad compleja…) lo importante que es la práctica. Tu mente es el instrumento más complejo del universo. Se necesita tiempo y práctica para utilizarlo de manera eficaz y armoniosa.

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