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Meditation and stress

Meditation is a way to end everyday stress and regain inner peace. The best thing is that it is very simple, inexpensive, you can easily learn it and test it when you need it most. In addition, it is not necessary to travel to India and spend two months in a monastery to feel the benefits of this practice.

The Habit makes the monk

Meditation has been practiced for centuries and its original purpose was to gain an understanding of the essential forces that govern life.

However, these days most people who carry out this technique do it for reasons of stress and anxiety in order to face the challenges of modern life.

Meditation is considered a type of psychosomatic medicine due to its interconnection between the body and the mind. Very avant-garde studies focus on showing how by being able to maintain a state of internal relaxation, our bodies can recover better and faster physically.

The secret of meditation lies in the power to control your attention, and focus it fully on one thing only. In this way, you protect your brain from that constant torrent of thoughts that alter us from within. The longer you can do it, the longer your brain can rest from that absurd monologue inside.

Apart from relaxation and the benefits it brings for health, it is an incredible workout to strengthen your will. The more you practice it the more your ability to pay attention will grow. Indispensable skill for personal development and enjoyment.

For real?

Meditation brings you tranquility and relaxation for your general well-being.

Like stress, (mental illness) can completely affect your physical health, meditation can cause the opposite effect.

There are many interesting studies in this regard and a large scientific community increasingly interested in the benefits of this central technique.

  • Gain a new perspective in stressful situations
  • New way of thinking and
  • Understanding your actions
  • Be more emotionally and physically aware.
  • Focus on the present
  • Be less dramatic
  • More imagination / creativity
  • Higher level of patience
  • Treat Chronic pain

And remember, to carry out this practice it is not necessary to sit on the top of a mountain for several hours. You can do it at any time of the day, just breathe slowly, feeling all the air traveling through our body. That’s it, Pure pleasure, instantly, unlimited and free.

Test it!

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