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Wake Up! Pay “full attention” to your Health


Wake Up! Pay “full attention” to to your Health The mind-body connection The human body naturally produces and uses cannabinoids as a chemical communication method through our body. This network, is known as the supercomputer that regulates homeostasis in the human body,  your endocannabinoid system.  We understand the cannabinoid system as a highway of communication between

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First steps

Being aware that your mind plays a fundamental role in controlling your entire body, physically and emotionally, is not easy. Without going any further and doing a simple exercise as an example; What if you focus your attention on the tip of your nose? Suddenly, your mind becomes aware of a specific part of your

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Mindfulness..what for? Mindfulness is a rather complicated term, although on the other hand, it is simply based on the interconnection of much simpler things. It is a term which we will never be able to understand in its entirety, focusing from a fixed perspective. For us to understand each other easily, we could describe it

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