CannActive: The advantage of technology

HempClinic’s CannaActive is a CBD liquid that is more actively absorbed than traditional CBD oil. It was developed by Artie de Lange. The current enhanced version is intended exclusively for HempClinic and the Dutch International Health Services.

Why is absorption better?

CBD is absorbed in the mouth. CBD is originally a large blob of fat, which is broken down by enzymes in saliva. If the CBD is small enough it enters the bloodstream and with that it is in your ‘system’. When you ingest CBD, stomach acid breaks it down by 80% in the stomach.

The amount of enzymes, the residence in the mouth, and the particle size of CBD all contribute to the absorption rate of CBD.

By reducing the CBD particles in our laboratory (in vitro) without changing the properties, the CBD is absorbed faster in the body.

Hempclinic’s CannaActive is unique

We guarantee that you should notice a significant difference after taking 3 times compared to traditional oil.

The difference between water soluble and CannaActive

As you can see in the movie, CannaActive is soluble in water. This does not mean that all water soluble media are CannaActive. CannaActive is water soluble because the CBD particles are so small that they remain in solution in water. The smaller the particles, the better the solubility. You can also dissolve the oil with the help of emulsifiers. Just put traditional oil in water with a little soap and it will dissolve.

Hempclinic’s CannaActive can be clearly recognized by the taste, which is so unique that it cannot be described in words.

The required dose of CannaActive

CannaActive has different strengths. Depending on the complaints and the person (or animal), an estimate is made of how much someone needs. The dose is certainly adjusted at the start of treatment. Because CannaActive may mask problems, we recommend that you stop using CannaActive at least once every two weeks. This way you can tell if the complaints still exist. Your body doesn’t get “lazy” (after all, you supply your own substances that you also make yourself).

Dissolve in food or drink.

Since CannaActive dissolves in water and is quickly absorbed in the mouth, you can also dissolve it in food. The best absorption remains when taking the drops directly in the mouth. However, if the flavor or experience with drops is not desired, you can work it out.