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Big Pharma and Medical Cannabis

Despite its slow entrance to the clinical setting, medical cannabis research has recently seen renewed interest due to a plethora of data now available boasting its efficacious and safe effects in treating various diseases. Presently, it is no secret that Big Pharma is lobbying against the increasingly confident cannabis wave since the conditions that cannabis may be used to treat are highly prevalent, and thus currently very lucrative for Big Pharma”


Medical cannabis is getting closer to alleviating suffering in our lives every day. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the pharmaceutical industry to hide the power of this miraculous plant.

In the countries where it is allowed to carry out treatments with it, there is a growing number of evidences and social movements supporting the benifts for humans.

But of course, in countries where the pharmaceutical industry has more weight than the government, things are very different …

In such cases there is not as much interest in conducting relevant studies or patient programs to demonstrate once and for all the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine.

This plant is too simple and affordable a method by which a large number of people would drastically reduce the use of synthetic drugs, and consequently, the loss of benefits for huge pharmaceutical giants.

Therefore, they try to keep the idea that cannabis can be used as a medicine out of people minds.

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